AdParlor builds advertising technology and solutions that enable brand and direct response marketers to plan, execute and optimize their social and video advertising more effectively.

Our History

AdParlor began in 2008 in Toronto, Canada to help advertisers better connect with their audiences on social media. AdParlor was one of the first companies named to Facebook’s performance marketing platform, which we helped to grow and scale by working with Fortune 500 brands and major gaming and eCommerce companies.

AdParlor was designated an official Twitter Ads API partner, marking the second major social advertising integration.

Then in 2015, AdParlor announced that it had added a third and fourth social platform as it become a beta-stage partner with Instagram and also announced its ability to run premium video ad campaigns, as well as across other social video sites.

AdParlor’s headquarter in Toronto, with offices in New York; Los Angeles, Chicago; Detroit; São Paulo; London; Singapore; Mumbai; Jakarta; Kuala Lumpur; Seoul; Thailand; and Philippines.

Why should advertisers choose AdParlor?

AdParlor has access to the six biggest social publishers

There from the Beginning

AdParlor has been a part of the Facebook API program since 2009.

Inaugural Instagram Marketing Partner

AdParlor was one of the first companies to bring Instagram advertising to market at massive scale.

Brand-safe Premium Video Advertising

AdParlor delivers a technology layer designed to enable advertisers to achieve brand safety and campaign scale with premium video solutions.

Pinterest Marketing Partner

The only way to access Pinterest advertising on a massive scale is through a marketing partner like AdParlor.

Inaugural Twitter Ads API Partner

AdParlor was among the first Twitter API partners, and is designated as technology experts in eight industry verticals.

End-to-end Tumblr Inventory

AdParlor is the only Tumblr partner, world-wide, with access to Tumblr specific inventory. We are also able to guarantee brand-safety.

AdParlor Values

These are the ideals that drive us to come in to work and absolutely crush it. Every. Single. Day.

We take ownership

Whatever it takes, we always get sh*t done.

We are collaborative

We develop deep and personal relationships with colleagues and partners.

We are never satisfied and always demand more

We are thought leaders in the digital arena and we are always evolving.

We are competitive by nature

We go the extra mile with everything that we do.

We are on a quest for excellence

We never settle for second best.

We believe in our business

We treat the business as if it were our own.

Work at AdParlor

We like to find solutions to hard problems. We’re looking for creative, collaborative, passionate people interested in technology and social advertising.

Career Opportunities