How to identify and segment your audience with Facebook

It’s an exciting but challenging world for mobile apps. The average smartphone owner has 41 apps installed, and 66% will never open an app more than 10 times. If a user uninstalls your app quickly, chances are they did not spend a single cent. That means once a user installs your app, you have to work hard to ensure that they do not churn within days. But, if you can keep your users continuously engaged, they will keep coming back again and again.
Re-engagement is key to driving user retention, and a solid re-engagement strategy will help you to drive incremental revenue within the app. It helps you increase lifetime value of the customer which directly impacts your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Users that are constantly re-engaged are more likely to make repeat purchases and consume new content.

From the outset, Facebook should form a core part of your re-engagement strategy. More than two thirds of Southeast Asian netizens are on Facebook, and this means that you can access detailed analytics for a majority of your app’s users to understand what drives them to use your app, make a purchase or move on.

Marketers can tap into Facebook’s data to increase conversions and reduce churn. It starts with gathering the right data, then using that data to understand your audience. Here is how you do it.

Identify your audience through App Events

You need to useApp Events to track what your users are doing. These are triggers within an app that tracks when a user visits a specific screen or performs an action. They can provide information to enable highly granular targeting.

Logging the right events can help you better understand audience behavior within your app. For instance, purchase amount and time spent viewing an item can all be tracked to identify your most engaged users, or highest spenders.

To engage your high spenders, you can configure specific app events to identify them. In this example (below), Facebook will log instances of users who spent exactly $50:

For a complete list of items which Facebook can track, the developer reference for Android and iOS is a comprehensive listing of the platform’s options.

Segment your audience

After hooking events into your app, use Segmentation under Facebook Analytics for Apps to define groups of people so that you can learn more about their behavior and actions. With clearly defined segments, you can identify their motives and behaviors to form the basis of highly targeted messaging.

Segments can be defined by demographic information about the people using your app, and can also be narrowed further by Facebook predefined events, custom event, parameters, device information or the install source for your app.

This example shows how to find the Android users who are within the top 10% of spenders of an app:

Segments created in Facebook Analytics for Apps can be saved to a custom audience. You can then refine them further in your Facebook Ads dashboard under Audiences. Audiences lets you define specific criteria to track users at different points of the funnel.

Find your high spenders by filtering for people who have made purchases above a certain amount. Filtering by search keywords such as “watches” will reveal your customers who may be close to a purchase decision on that specific product.

You can also create a lookalike audience to target other Facebook users with a similar profile to your customers for a recruitment campaign.

Logging the right app events and passing detailed parameters will allow you to create accurate profiles of your audience, and draw detailed insights into their behavior.

After gathering data and profiling your audience, the next step is to create custom-tailored messages to reach them. Stay tuned for part two, where I will talk about how Facebook can support your user engagement campaigns.

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*image courtesy: facebook

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