Why Snapchat is Key to Reaching Asia’s Gen Z

As the fastest growing social platform in APAC, Snapchat’s highly engaged users, immersive formats, and ability to reach audiences in an authentic context enables brand stories to be told in more interesting and effective ways. As Gen Z, born from 2000 to 2015, comes of age, their spending power is also on the rise. From our first hand experience with campaigns on the platform, we have seen the ability for brands to reach the elusive Gen Z audience.

Snapchat Audiences Are Younger and More Affluent

The numbers are compelling. Snapchat doubled its user base in Asia Pacific over the past two years. In Singapore, Snapchat has more users aged 13 to 17 than Facebook and Instagram combined. Additionally, Snapchatters are likely to be more affluent and trendy than their peers. They spend up to four times higher than average on luxuries, from concert tickets to consumer electronics and fashion. As trendsetters open to experimentation, tapping into this demographic can drive credibility and positive buzz.

In addition, Snapchat users are growing more engaged with the platform, according to their latest quarterly report. The average daily user of Snapchat creates more than 20 messages, or “snaps” per day. Snapchat users under 25 now spend 40 minutes on the app, up from 30 minutes in 2016. As Gen Z shares their personal moments on the platform, this presents an opportunity to engage with them in an authentic way.

Create Immersive Brand Experiences with Snapchat Ads

Snapchat facilitates authenticity with ad formats that are immersive, yet unintrusive. Users can interact directly with ad elements, such as sponsored lenses and filters. Rather than Photoshopped models and polished sets, Snapchat ads take place in a real environment. The most successful ads take advantage of this by placing users at the centre of the brand experience.

Snapchat’s vertical videos geofilters and sponsored lenses are already proving a hit, for instance with Maxibon. On average, Snapchatters play with lenses for about 20 seconds, making them highly engaging in a world of 6-second skippable videos. Given Asia’s ubiquitous selfie culture, Snapchat ads can be used to associate the brand with the fun moments captured in a Snap – and shared with friends to spread the word.

Integrating Snapchat into a 360-degree Digital Strategy

Snapchat’s memorability and ease of sharing, places it in an ideal position to raise awareness and build excitement. After users interact with a filter for a new accessory or makeup colour, they can be retargeted with the Engagement Audiences targeting option. This audience would be more likely to interact with an app install or signup ad. Once they enter your app or mailing list, more detailed data collection and tracking becomes possible, which can lead to more relevant ways to market to them, such as customised promotions based on their preferences.

At the same time, data gathered from these app and email interactions can be brought back into Snapchat to create even more memorable experiences. For instance, data from Asian customers can be layered onto a geofenced ad targeting an Australian airport to create a branded “Welcome to Australia” ad. The ad can remind them to visit a store with a coupon during their stay. Giving existing customers exclusive content not only increases loyalty and repeat purchases, it also creates a talking point among friends, who may then be inspired to convert too.

In short, Snapchat is a potent combination of highly engaged users, creative formats and uniquely personal context. Employed effectively, it’s a memorable way to get the attention of young, affluent audiences, building interest and awareness in your brand.

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