How Tune Protect Grew Sales By Up to 133% with Digital Video

Tune Protect is one of ASEAN’s leading regional digital insurers, and Malaysia’s first homegrown regional insurance player. With an innovative culture, creative people and customer loyalty proposition, it aimed to grow its market share and disrupt Malaysia’s insurance industry. Unlike traditional insurance providers, Tune Protect pioneers a mobile-friendly e-commerce model for insurance buying and claiming online. Visitors to their website can define their insurance needs and immediately see transparent quotes tailored to their request.

The brand wanted to appeal to young working professionals, who were digitally savvy and preferred a certain degree of autonomy in making their own decisions.  As Malaysia has 20 million mobile users on Facebook, and users spend close to 4 hours a day on average on mobile internet, mobile emerged as the best platform to engage this audience.

Building on their digital-first strategy, Tune Protect opted to run mobile video ads with humorous content, to drive traffic to their website and convert viewers. The campaign needed to differentiate the brand as innovative and fun, in an industry typically viewed as jargon-heavy and bureaucratic. At the same time, the brand also wanted to demonstrate that they were aligned with the Malaysian consumer’s needs.

Engaging Audiences with Mobile-friendly Video

Tune Protect worked with AdParlor Asia to run a light-hearted campaign drawing inspiration from the “Skip Ad” feature. Each video ad would start innocuously, with characters encountering problems such as having an exaggerated twisted ankle from a fall during a football game, or getting chased by a bear during a forest hike. The video would then employ reverse psychology, advising viewers to “skip the drama”, and the ad entirely, before the situation comically escalates to bull stampedes, gangster mobs and freak typhoons.

The call to skip the ad works as a Chekhov’s Gun – towards the end of the video, characters would lament at the viewer for not pressing a simple “Skip” button. The protagonist in the video would then explain that the entire exaggerated portion could have been avoided if the viewer had clicked on “skip”. This strengthens the brand association between Tune Protect and hassle-free insurance coverage.

As each video starts with an everyday situation, AdParlor Asia targeted its ads to be served only to audiences with a high affinity to the videos, increasing their ability to identify with the content and subsequently, the brand. For example, showing a sporting accident video only to people who play sports, showing car owners a video related to a car breakdown, and targeting frequent travellers with a travel mishap video.

By taking an audience-first approach, AdParlor Asia identified the context of the ads through learning about what conversations revolve in Malaysia. It then transitioned these topics into light-hearted, fourth wall-breaking storytelling to communicate Tune Protect’s messages to its digital savvy audience.

All three videos were subtitled, for the purposes of mobile-first viewing. As such, even if the video was viewed without audio, the message would not get lost in translation. Because of its comical approach that appealed to Malaysian humour, the video called for attention until completion.

Finding the Right Audiences

AdParlor Asia ran the video campaign on Facebook and Instagram from 1 April 2017 to 31 August 2017.

As the campaign sought to grow awareness of Tune Protect, digital spend was strategically invested to grow a breadth of metrics across engagement, clicks and video views.

AdParlor Asia’s digital strategists A/B tested audience responses to each video by demographic, then allocated budgets accordingly. In line with Tune Protect’s digital platform and the fun nature of the ads, AdParlor Asia identified audiences who were more likely to convert after watching the ad. For specific videos, travel segment responded well to the travel video, the car video resonated with car enthusiasts & auto lovers and the sports video performed best among sports and fitness enthusiasts.

By leveraging the most responsive audiences, AdParlor Asia used Facebook’s Audience tool to maximise the reach of Tune Protect’s videos by targeting people with similar interests as those who had engaged with the video. The engagement generated would further boost organic visibility and fuel conversations on Tune Protect’s Facebook page, driving even greater awareness.


Tune Protect’s videos were well-received, generating 2.7 million views to date including organic views, and hundreds of “Haha” reactions on Facebook. Viewers also tagged their friends for relevant contexts, such as travellers tagging their friends to get insured ahead of their hiking trip in the travel-related video.

Due to the seamless customer journey from the videos to Tune Protect’s landing pages, each video also had a measurable impact on sales.

April to August 2017 was a strategic time for motor insurance, as Hari Raya sales and Perodua’s 2017 Bezza launch generated excitement in motoring communities. AdParlor Asia enabled the motoring creative to be a prominent part of the conversation, which eventually led to a 133% increase in signups for their Motor Insurance plan.

The campaign period also ran across Malaysia’s mid-year and September holidays, and the SEA games, during which Malaysians would be inspired to go on holiday or play sports. As a result, sales for Tune Protect’s Personal Accident plan increased by 93%, and Travel Insurance plan by 61%.

By adopting a digital-first approach, AdParlor Asia and Tune Protect successfully grew awareness and sales, firmly establishing the brand as an innovative, customer-oriented insurance provider among Malaysians.

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