Digital Campaign
Strategy & Ideation

Driven by data, we help brands build an ideal roadmap and effective digital solutions. We are able to help create impactful digital campaigns and creative content that will help drive engagement, conversions and delivering them to the right audience through award winning tools and strategic digital planning.

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Facebook Carousel Ad Creative Design
Instagram Ad Creative Design
Pinterest Promoted Pin Ad Creative Design
Snapchat Ad Creative Design
Twitter Promoted Ad Creative Design

Digital Branded Content

Digital branded content places content within the brand. Usually a series of videos, branded content is able to highlight brand values and communication objectives. We provide creative ideas, production services and strategic planning.

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Digital Campaign &
Project Management

We manage your campaign from start to finish. From creating entire digital campaign idea from scratch to monitoring performance of each visuals created. We propose and we re-create creatives that works for your brand.

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AdParlor Intel Tags: Improve Campaign Click-through Rate

End-to-end Digital
Campaign Creative

With our own award winning tools, in-house creative team and various creative production partners, we are able to provide an end-to-end digital campaign services. We study your data, provide consultancy & creative solutions, produce and help manage the whole campaign and brand’s digital presence in the digital space.

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Spase using AdParlor's Intel Tags

Beyond design, we help you understand what works and why

More than great design that delivers results, our team will make you smarter.

We apply our Intel Tags technology to provide clients with micro-level insights about what creative elements are working across their entire ad library— including things like background colors, gender, and facial expressions.

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