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Where Cinema Meets Reality.

The home of cinematic, breath-taking imagery from around the world, Instagram is the go-to platform for capturing and sharing life’s moments. By combining sound, sight, and motion, Instagram videos are a great way to share your story with your audience. With Instagram’s sophisticated precision targeting, you can inspire and engage with your users in a way that feels natural: by sharing a moment.

AdParlor, the global expert in social and video advertising, is one of the first Instagram Ads API partners. We support all available campaign objectives on the platform, including website clicks, mobile app installs and video views.

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Why Instagram?

With more than 300 million users, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms—giving advertisers a new way to engage users and drive performance results, leveraging precision targeting via Facebook’s user data.


Instagram allows advertisers to precisely target and engage users, as well as drive performance by leveraging Facebook’s experience and knowledge of its individual users.

Achieve Brand and Sales Objectives

All of the great targeting, insights and reporting available on Facebook are now available on Instagram, including building custom audiences, lookalike targeting, creative tagging and retargeting. Instagram supports both branding and direct response goals, including website conversion ads and mobile apps install ads, through its API.

Industry leading global expertise

AdParlor is one of the original Facebook marketing partners and has participated in numerous beta programs; we’ve also run more than $150 million of annualized revenue through the AdParlor platform.