Premium Video Advertising

AdParlor delivers a technology layer that enables advertisers to achieve brand safety and scale throughout their video campaigns.

Premium Videos

Play it Right

The sheer quantity and diversity of unique video content on the web enables clients to pinpoint target audiences with exactly the right content at the right time. We’re here to help brands turn viewers into fans, and their fans into paying customers.

Content Curation

AdParlor develops unique, custom, and exclusive segments of inventory to meet a brands target goal efficiently. Our custom segments are pre-defined, continually learning social video packages of placements, delivering on the promise of relevancy, at scale, that digital video has yet to truly provide—until now.

Transparency and Brand Safety

Blocked Content

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Continuous Optimization

AdParlor continually learns and optimizes to exceed the advertiser’s overall goals and KPIs, without sacrificing relevance and scale. At launch and throughout campaigns, we add optimal content to the content segment lists, while dropping videos that aren’t performing to expectations. Essentially, we scale what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

Insight and Reporting