Tapping Into Tumblr

AdParlor is the only Tumblr partner selling all available ad products, and we run campaigns in an efficient, brand-safe way


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Millennial-Rich Audience

The Millennial generation is a critical component to advertisers’ success—after all, those 20- and 30-somethings are now the largest generation and possesses great spending power.

There’s a place to engage them where they hang out online: Tumblr, where seven in ten users are Millennials.

With 550 million monthly active users reading Tumblr blogs, the site has one of the largest audiences across social media.

Engage Your Target Audience

Tumblr advertising is an effective way to engage your target audience, and with 280 million blogs—covering topics ranging from automotive to travel to CPG—it’s easy to find appropriate context. To ensure complete transparency, AdParlor provides a list of the pages where clients’ ads appeared—down to the URL-level.

AdParlor can also take insights learned from a Tumblr campaign to more accurately target on other platforms where we specialize: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Coming soon in AdParlor Asia Pacific!

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Yahoo Gemini Advertising

Leveraging Yahoo Gemini’s Mobile Audience

Yahoo Gemini

AdParlor’s API partnership with Yahoo gives our clients access to more than a billion people—including 600 million mobile users. Flexible targeting and pricing options make Gemini an even more attractive option:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Purchase History
  • Device
  • Custom Audiences
  • CPM, CPV and CPC

And Yahoo’s premium inventory gives advertisers peace-of-mind that their advertising will run on sites that people actually visit.